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It feels like going commando, but with the support of wearing a brief. This stunning brief from our HARD-BOY line features a net design that allows air to circulate so as to be super breathable, super sexy, and still supportive. Indeed this underwear are perfect for hitting the gym or for a night out on the town. Designed with killer straight lines this full back brief is like none you've ever seen... capable of being practical by day and erotic by night this fine specimen of men's mesh underwear is not to be missed for the guy that wants to let it all hang out in style.


Duh, lol, this brief doesn't just show a bulge it shows your penis dude. The net design is see through so all your good parts will be on display, and yes the net pouch offers a lifting effect to enhance what you've got on display so you a certain to look good from every angle.


Of course this sizzling design mixes with all our gear fantastically to create killer looks. How do you pull of the style our boys are sporting on the left?

Ahmed (on the far left) is wearing his Hard-boy Net Maximum Exposure Brief in Tuxedo Black. He is wearing a Hardwear Industrial Horseshoe Cockring. The ring is Chrome in Color but he has it decked out with a Race Car Red Bionic Skin, so it appears red. His ring has been given a Contour Morph so that it follows the curve of his groin exceptionally, giving him two wearing styles, one of which produces a more subtle bulge, once of which pushes his balls forward with gusto so he gets all the attention he craves... and all he has to do is flip his cockring around to change its wearing mode. (Continues Below.)

Photos: Max Exposure Brief In Action

Paulo (on Ahmed's right) is wearing his Hard-boy Net Maximum Exposure Brief in Purple Rain. Purple rain is a stunning blue\purple color that is great for how it is both manly and colorful at the same time. He is wearing a Ratchet Action Hardwear (H20) in Race Car Red. He is wearing one of our Bad Ass style cockring neck chains, and on that he's sporting another Hardwear (H20) in gun metal color.

These guys are ready for every occasion whether they want to just look their maximum sexiest letting it all hang out in their net briefs, deliver a sexual performance that will have their lovers raving and craving more thanks to their Hardwear male enhancing cockrings.