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Featuring the amazing Maximizer Pouch technology that lifts genitals up and away from the thighs, projects them forward and shows a great bulge, the Hard-boy Maximiser Brief is a constant favorite.  Additionally this underwear features a low-rise waist and a full back the combination of which creates the athletic look that you're looking for.  The features don't end there however, these undies boast a high contrast fabric finish that dazzles the eye, taking simple black to another level.  Guys are able to get the look of black leather in a breathable, cool, soft and comfortable underwear brief that is a must have.  The pouch conforms so that you can either down angle or up angle your penis, and with its maximizing technology in effect you can be sure that your silhouette will always look its best in jeans, slacks, hoop shorts or what have you as your undies do the heavy lifting (pun intended) of putting your best bulge on display.

The perfect day night briefs, you get bulge enhancement on the go, a manly and athletic look in the locker room, and when your pants come down in the bedroom your lady will be blown away by the erotic sizzle this underwear delivers.  Low-key and super sexy have been blended perfectly in this garment that is flattering, functional and erotic all at once.

Maximizer Brief Photos
With the Zero-G Pouch in our Tuxedo Black high contrast Fabric, you can feel li...The secret of the Zero-G pouch, its poseable underwire thong back is invisible...Red spark is a dazzling metallic red color that goes great with a fiery persona...Boom Bitches! The Zero-G in Purple Rain evokes the look of purple leather or la...The absolute next best thing to being butt-ass-out naked.Self forming pouch accommodates men of all sizes.Self forming pouch accommodates men of all sizes.Self forming pouch accommodates men of all sizes.Self forming pouch accommodates men of all sizes.The Ultimate Male Enhancement Super Store!


Getting this look is easy, just pull these undies on one leg at a time, plop your junk in the enhancing pouch and watch the magic happen.  You may or may not hit the gym as often as these guys do, but the low rise and full back have a slimmng effect that makes every guy look a little more athletic.  And if you want to take your bugle to the next level consider wearing an all day cock ring under your underwear.  Excellent choices include Hardwear: Industrial, Hardwear-ICE or Balls Forward. 

Trent (white guy on the left) is wearing Hardwear-ICE inside his maximizer pouch, and we can see that his bulge is hanging lower and projecting farther.  Ahmed (the black guy on the right) is going natural.  These undies look great no matter how you do it up so get a pair today.