BUY THIS: Graduating Balls double ended prostate wand.

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Got a set of Big Blue Balls? Every boy should. Stunningly crafted of cerulean blue Pyrex glass conjoined balls, this anal wand and prostate massager boasts the finest craftsmanship at a phenomenally economic price. This high-tech spin on the Anal beads experience has been praised for the delicious sensations unleashed as each graduating ball (each one growing larger and larger) pushes through the sphincter, expanding it gently and relaxing it for just a moment before the next and bigger balls is ready to widen your sensitive hole again, this time by an even greater degree.

Seven inches long and designed with a curve, the wand is adept at finding your prostate and lighting it up with amazing super-orgasmic sensations. If you're new to anal play and prostate massage, start on the small beginner end of the wand where the first ball is 1 inch in diameter. Anal experts can go to the big ball end where more than 1.6 inches of diameter is ready to challenge you. In addition to unlocking your back door for an entirely new kind of sex play and\or masturbation, prostate massage and prostate milking are well known forms of male sexual health maintenance. The prostate needs to be serviced by direct stimulation periodically to release stagnant prostatic fluids and to keep the mostly hidden yet critical sex organ performing its best, which ties into both your ejaculatory process and your erection quality… so you want that little bugger to operate well. Now, with the Big Blue Balls wand guys of all experience levels, and those who may be too reserved to approach their prostate with a dong (penis shaped) tool can enjoy the sleek and uber masculine styling and all the health and pleasure benefits that come with good prostate maintenance. And for the dude who isn’t shy in the least, (he loves anal play, he has no hesitation about dongs and dildos, he likes it when his girl fingers his ass or perhaps he’s even let her use a strap-on, on him), this Big Blue Balls wand makes an excellent addition to the advanced player’s arsenal of toys too, as its conjoined balls are all about pleasuring your opening again and again with every forward or reverse movement in ways other massagers can not… and this is definitely an experience you’ll want in your tool box.

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Taking this magnificent classic sex toy (the concept of anal beads and\or anal balls) into the space age, the anal orbs offered up by the Big Blue Balls wand are fashioned from exquisite Pyrex Glass which means that with a squirt of lube the super smooth lab grade glass becomes the slickest slipperiest material you are apt to ever slide inside your butt, and as anyone familiar with good anal play knows, an enjoyable anal experience begins with getting it slippery enough.