Male Enhancement

So, What is Male Enhancement?

Male Enhancement, by definition is the application of a wide range of techniques and technologies in the interest of improving a man’s sexual size, athleticism, skill, and ability. This includes growing the penis (penis enlargement) in terms of penile length and penile girth, and this includes, of course, mastery over a man’s erections just as a baseline (I.E. having harder, larger, and more powerful erections).

Our Commitment...

The Hardwear brand and have been specializing in bringing men the gear and knowledge to reach all their male enhancement goals for more than a decade. What began with our groundbreaking two-piece adjustable cock ring design, the famed Horseshoe Cock Ring (which now boasts 6 versions)... a design that produces in male wearers a level of erection quality (EQ) far superior to what the body can support on its own, has since expanded into a dynamic line of male products to meet every man’s specific needs. These offerings include: penis stretchers; penis extenders; penis pumps; direct on shaft penis rings; cock and balls rings for sex, masturbation and all day ring wear; penis jelqing rings that augment and take a man’s jelqing penis workouts to new levels; our coaching plans and our male enhancement line of DVDs that teach guys step by step how to reach their goals whether those be penis enlargement, harder erections, lasting longer in bed (I.E. stopping premature ejaculation), or even more exotic goals such as having a bigger more potent semen load, or learning better pelvic thrusting technique (AKA how to move your ass better in bed - LOL).

Clearly male enhancement is our specialty, something the team here at is personally invested in, and something we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping men everywhere achieve, through the science of male gear innovation and through the sharing of knowledge.

Male Improvement...

So then, ultimately, male enhancement is the desire in the male to be better sexually tomorrow than he is today. By another name it could simply be called self-improvement (or maybe, male improvement). It begins with the penis because there is no anatomical zone more central to the male psyche and maleness than every boy’s favorite body part, but it spreads outward into other areas--in fact all areas of a man’s life. Just about every man is interested in some aspect of male enhancement. Attaining stellar sexual prowess and ability breeds confidence, and confidence in the bedroom is also confidence in the locker room, and confidence in general expands beyond all silos. Knowing that you are good in bed (potent and capable, impressive) and feeling good about yourself at the lockers (large, proud, being fine a specimen) this kind of positive self image makes its way into the boardroom, into the classroom, into all the areas of a man’s life. Feeling good about yourself is powerful. And this is what male enhancement does for men (and their partners too - because everyone in the sphere of a person who feels positive about themself benefits).

So, our aim is to give men the tools and guidance they need to accomplish all their male enhancement goals. As a general rule these fall into two broad categories: recovery and improvement. The difference subtle but simple. A recovery goal relating to erections might be: “I used to have strong erections, but now I suffer from erectile dysfunction, I need to cure my ED and get my erections rock hard again. An improvement goal relating to erections might be: “I’m able to have sex, I think I’m pretty good, but I know there is another level out there. I’ve seen it it videos. I want my dick to be harder… like porno hard, super-hero hard.” Both these guys want harder wood, guy A) wants get over his ED, guy B) doesn’t have a functional problem he just wants to function on another higher level. Both these cases call for male enhancement, and in both of these cases and dozens of others our gear is ready to get guys where they need to be.