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Calling all Bad Boys, being bad never felt so good as when this amazing dual internal and external male stimulator is rocking your prostate with its sweet vibrations and milking pressures.  Featuring a larger anal probe than the Naughty Boy and Rude Boy (also from this graduating series of massagers) the Bad Boy is ready to deliver the prolonged orgasms you crave whenever you're ready to pucker up.  Courtesy of its probe it services your prostate from the inside, and courtesy of its nodule lined vibrating bulb it's also ready to shake rattle and roll with your taint area, or grundel, or (in science speak your perineum... the area between your ass hole and balls, through which the prostate can be massaged externally).

Ladies have the G-spot and guys have the P-spot, and once you start stimulating this area for sexual gratification as well as improved sexual health you will wonder what you were waiting for and why you've been denying yourself the crazy-good sexual sensations all this time. And yes, massaging AKA milking your prostate is a healthy practice, moreover a practice your sexual anatomy and performance will benefit from.

See our different anal probe shapes:
- Naughty Boy (Beginner Fit)
- Rude Boy (Medium Fit)
- Bad Boy (Large Fit) YOU ARE HERE

The U shaped design of massagers in this line enable the Bad Boy to pleasure you inside and out, all at once where the longer of the two arms is inserted into the anus while the other folds under and toward your balls to massage the perineum. The length is well suited to prostate access, and this marvelous male sex toy is fashioned from pliable silicone that has been crafted more advanced anal fit in mind. I.E., if you are a total nubie you might want to start with Naughty Boy, which has a beginner fit. With a bulbous rectal filling shape the Bad Boy's anal probe is for serious prostate players.

Of course the vibe which accompanies the massager is high quality, waterproof, and ready to activate at the press of a button. And don't be afraid to ride this baby hands free... it's made for that. The Bad Boy can easily deliver hands-free service... all you gotta do is sit on it and grind, which enhances its vibrations as well.

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