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Sometimes a guy's gotta get rude, and if that's what it takes to usher yourself into a whole new world of pleasure then lets do it. The rude boy prostate massager is a dual internal and external, simultaneous vibrating prostate and perineum stimulator... and if you've never tried it you're going to be blown away by the intense sexual sensations and prolonged orgasms a little p-spot service can deliver.

The P-spot of course is name popularly given the prostate gland as it pertains to stimulating the glad for sexual gratification and sexual health. Yes, massaging AKA milking your prostate is healthy, and at the same time feels amazing.

See our different anal probe shapes:
- Naughty Boy (Beginner Fit)
- Rude Boy (Medium Fit) YOU ARE HERE
- Bad Boy (Large Fit)

The U shaped design of massagers in this line are what allow the Rude Boy to stimulate you from the inside and the outside, where one arm is inserted into the anus and the other folds under to stimulate your taint, or grundle, or more technically the perineum. The length is great for accessing your prostate, and the material is firm but pliable silicone. Shaped specifically with an intermediate fit in mind, the Rude Boy's anal probe has a shape somewhat like a thick finger (bigger than the naughty boy, but smaller than the bad boy) .

Of course the included vibe is high quality, waterproof, and ready to unleash all the good vibrations you can handle. The Rude Boy can easily deliver hands-free prostate service when you insert and ride it. Sitting on your Rude Boy enhances its vibrations as well.

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