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It's time to get naughty, with the naughty boy hands free prostate massager, and who knew that being naughty was both great for your sexual health, and also felt so good.

The U shaped design of this tool, and others from this line allows the device to stimulate the prostate gland both internally, where the one arm is inserted into the anus and the other folds under the mans body to stimulate the perineum.  The length is perfect for accessing the prostate, and the material is pliable but firm making this an excellent male sex toy for the guy that's new to the world of anal play.  Indeed the tapered shape of the probe arm was designed with the beginner in mind, by starting of narrow and expanding as the length of the probe continues the device ensures an easy fit for beginner level p-spot enthusiasts.

See our different anal probe shapes:
- Naughty Boy (Beginner Fit) YOU ARE HERE
- Rude Boy (Medium Fit)
- Bad Boy (Large Fit)

The device is made of 100% silicone and includes a high quality waterproof vibe bullet that controls the sweet vibrations this toy generates with the flick of a button. The device supports hands-free prostate massage and or hands-free prostate milking when used in a seated posture.  The material transmits vibration very nicely, and sitting on (aka ridding) the naughty boy amplifies the vibrations as well.

Pictures of HARDWEAR in action