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Boasting our awesome Maximizer Pouch design that lifts a guy’s package up and away from the thighs and projects all your good parts front and center for a fetching silhouette, we bring you the Hard-boy Maximizer Boxer (technically a boxer-brief). With its square cut, low-rise waist and full back, this incredibly flattering bit of underwear magic should be a staple in every guy’s wardrobe. Delivering an extremely flattering and athletic look your girl may have a difficult time restraining herself and not tearing these off you with her teeth, but this of course is half the fun.

The features of this great garment don’t end with its flattering and enhancing fit though, these undies have a high contrast finish to the fabric that seizes the eye, elevating basic black to an entirely new level. Now you can have the look of sexy black leather in a fabric that is in fact cool, breathable, and soft. Leather look. Cotton Feel. These boxers are an underwear must have.

The pouch of course conforms so you can either down or up angle your penis, for either the speed bump look or the trouser snake look. And thanks to this underwear’s maximizing qualities you can be certain that you’ll look your best in slacks, jeans, hoop shorts or whatever else you may pull on over these.

An excellent pair of day night boxers, you will enjoy bulge enhancement on the go, a masculine and fit look at the gym, and when it’s time to strip down to your skivvies in the bedroom your lady will love the erotic swerve you’ve got going on.

Low-key and super sexy without trying too hard, this boxer is the perfect blend of male form flattery, function and erotica all at once.

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