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These awesome lounge pants from our Hard-boy line are the perfect way to look sexy laying around and doing nothing. Formed from a completely breathable and silky to the touch mesh weave, these pants are see through, becoming more and more see through with different shifts of the light. Did we mention the fit is roomy in the crotch, with space for all your favorite gear? That's right cock rings, penis jelqing rings, ball stretchers. These pants have been fashioned to do double duty. Sure they are great for just chillin' in your crib, but they perform amazingly also as penis workout pants, ball stretching pants, and in any other kind of male enhancing activity where you might want light coverage, but also a very breathable fabric, with room in the crotch for gear and full-on erection, and a level of coverage that shows through to what your meat is doing down there (LOL).

The mixture of various ring colors, shapes and textures you can achieve through this peek-a-boo fabric is stunning and so erotic that words don't fully capture it... your lover will be electrified... your package will be presented in high style, and all the while you will be treated to fantastic comfort.

For you guys who like to do your home physique training in the buff (you know who you are), combine these pants with a jock strap for added support and you've got a killer cool and breathable all out workout ensemble to pump iron in. (Continue reading below)

Photos of the Sheer Lounge Pant

Cody has grown his cock to plus nine inches and produced a stunning pair of big...Thug style b-e-y-o-t-c-h! Curtis is showing off mad swagger Chillin' in his she...Aiden lights up the place and his cock.Absolutely fantastic.Sizing.High contrast combo, light skin under dark mesh fabric, letting it all hang out.Close up.Back view.Lounging.Room for all your gear, and the great fit lets you spread your legs to kingdom...The Ultimate Male Enhancement Super Store!

When is sheer better than naked?

Did we mention these pants feel like silk? Have you ever run silk over your body, specifically over your cock. The feeling of the fabric gliding over super sensitive skin is highly erotic in and of itself, and it's an excellent way to heighten any number of experiences.

Why should you do penis exercise in a pair of workout pants and not just fully nude? When you are just starting out with your penis workout nude is best, with the routine performed in front of a mirror so you can monitor every detail. However, as you become used to the workout and your working with pressures you are familiar with you can relax and take your cock to the max at the same time. We hear from a lot of guys who love our gear and have integrated their penis workout into their married lives that while their wives love the amazing effects of the gear, they are often found saying things to their husbands like "do you ever put any clothes on?", or "there you go playing with your dick again." Penis workout pants bring back a little of the essence of mystery when working out in the company of your significant other (or any other for that matter).