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We don't need no flipping waist bands! Direct from the future comes the amazing Zero-G Pouch from Hard-boy.  Ever the innovators this amazingly handsome bit of men's underwear defies the imagination and gravity by hover-cradling just your cock and balls with absolutely no strap system.  That's right no waist band, no jock straps, just your junk cradled in a comfortable and sexy self forming pouch to create a look so futuristic and sexy it has to be seen to be believed.

The fabric is a stunning cotton blend with a hint of spandex done up in finishes that evoke the look of leather and\or latex, so that when you're strutting your stuff you can look like a cross between a Greek God and your favorite super hero.  The secret to the gravity defying abilities of this amazing men's underwear is the poseable c-shaped underwire thong back that keeps the unit hovering right where you want it.  Go ahead jump up and down, skip nearly naked across your back yard, be amazed as the hovering pouch keeps your goodies captured and keeps you looking hot all the while.

Did we mention it's just so damn sexy?  Looking for something racy to wear for your girl?  Ever go with her to the sex shop to find goodies and come back with some silly kind of underwear that has an elephant's face or some such on the front, no doubt the elephants trunk is for your penis to dangle through... LOL.  You don't have to look goofy to do sexy.  You should be able to look sexy and cool as fuck at the same time... and with the Zero-G pouch you can pull it off.

Pictures of HARDWEAR in action
With the Zero-G Pouch in our Tuxedo Black high contrast Fabric, you can feel li...The secret of the Zero-G pouch, its poseable underwire thong back is invisible...Red spark is a dazzling metallic red color that goes great with a fiery persona...Boom Bitches! The Zero-G in Purple Rain evokes the look of purple leather or la...The absolute next best thing to being butt-ass-out naked.Self forming pouch accommodates men of all sizes.The Ultimate Male Enhancement Super Store!